Dispatch from Slovenia: Rockstar Edition

This morning we woke up to the most beautiful message in cyber-space coming from a land far far away. The Slovenians have struck yet again with their mighty sword of excellence. 

For the geographically challenged, I'm shamelessly re-using this map:

Have you ever wondered what Freakerlovers in Slovenia look like? Well, do we have a treat for you. WAH-LAH:

Oprah with a babe on a tonka toy.

The Linguist & No. 2 with lovebirds in a graffiti park. 

Mesmer & a sweetpea with an ABSURDLY LARGE TENNIS RACKET. Really, guys, where can I get one of those? Slovenia. You get them in Slovenia. 

Scallywag, kicking all the ass.

Lumbersmack gettin' his smack on.

The Dude with The Dude. 

Goosebumps with an extremely skeptical puppy & a spotted rocking horse. 

Rufio. Slovenian bridge. Slovenian babe. 


Waddledoo with a waddler toddler.

Moral of the story: Slovenia does everything right.  If you're ever in Ljubljana (the capital!), be sure to stop by a store named "Madness." They will freak you until they can't freak no more.