Bogatte Bomboclat!

So imagine that you're in The Matrix and some terrible man in black is chasing you with laser pointers & mind games. In the midst of your life-or-death confusion, you accidentally take refuge in a corner of the internet filled with pretty ladies and knit insulators. 

SURPRISE, MY FRIEND! YOU'VE STUMBLED UPON BOGATTE! Make yourself at home, take off your shoes, get comfy.. these women have joy-supplies for days.  

We got the honor to chat ("type") with Chanel from about the more sophisticated parts of life as a retail-rockstar:

The Freakerteam: You girls are awesome. You put the ROLLER (a new synonym for "baller") in rollercoaster. You put the golden grills in the metaphorical mouth of the universe. So the question is, are you ladies REAL humans? Have you been tricking us all with "human costumes" (that are very stylish, by the way) but in reality you're extraterrestrial?
Bogatte:  I didn't want to go there Zach but the truth is...

...I'm from the plant Bogattuno and my a.i. (alien identification for you humanoids) is Chanelasis. My mission on earth is to open an online boutique, name it Bogatte and find the raddest gems, threads and gifts I can find for those gals you all like to call trendsetters. Luckily I was able to find you freak machines and my mission for raddest gifts has been completed.

FT: Every morning, is there a halo hanging from the corner of your four post bed? Is it even yours?
Bogatte: Oh Lord of Freaktown, that halo was taken down as soon as my feet hit planet Earth and I laid my eyes on a creamy stout tap.

FT: How do you feel about the word "gollywobbler?"
Bogatte: "Gollywobbler" hmm....that's a funky word. Reminds me of drunk, giggly elfs wobbling around a dirty dance floor. I don't know if I like that.

FT: What's your spirit animal?
Bogatte: Easy. Dolphin. 3 words: Mystical, Intellectual, Sexual.

FT: SAUCY! What's your spirit Freaker?
Bogatte: Easy. Chief-Freaks-Alot. 3 words: Kansas City Chiefs

....And there it is, folks.