Jailhouse Rock & Sock

The next two weeks are going to be the manifestation of an ancient battle between rivals: Elvis vs. The Beatles. 

On August 21st (that's this Saturday!), the little nuggets at Edge of Urge are throwing a slightly-belated but extra-awesome birthday party! They, like Foxtrot Yankee Hotel, are just turned a full 10 years old! (Little known fact: Edge of Urge & Foxtrot Yankee Hotel have playdates all the time. On the playground. Because they're 10 years old.) 

The Freaker boxtruck will be in full force: with a slight twist. Instead of the staple grilled cheese party, we're celebrating The King with his infamous lunchbox. Peanut butter & Banana sandwiches (but still grilled, yep yep nom nom!).

Dress up! Get down! Prizes abound! Two new exclusive Freakers will be unveiled in a grand gesture of ...grandeur! 

That sounds good & nice, but it ends at 7! What to do, after you say? Well, honey honey honey.....

Remember that time a Viking came to town & serenading you (but lets be honest - probably just your girlfriend.) sweet sweet sonnets about how tight your tee shirt is? Don't throw away that tight tee shirt - not now, not ever- ... because Benji Hughes is back in town. 

On July 28th, in downtown Wilmington, Sir Hughes will be at the Calico Room right after the Edge of Urge party! He's coming with 3 pairs of aviators, 2 pigtails and 1 lone purpose: violate your senses. And for that's something we can get behind! You can buy tickets here

Yes, you're right. Benji Hughes is not the Beatles. But next weekend, at Wilmington's weekly Downtown Sundown, Yellow Dubmarine is playing for yours truly. It's super free to get in, and all the proceeds of booze-wristbands go towards Wilmington's freakiest film festival: Cucalorus!!!! 

Also, be sure to pick up the exclusive Cape Fear Bridge Freaker designed for Downtown Sundown while you're down there! 

So there it is, folks. Your plans for the next two weeks served on a silver platter.