Freak of the Week: FancyFace!

On the last episode of "I'm going to pretend that 2 weeks is actually 1 week" game show, we asked you "Ride or Die" on Bonnie's product page! As always, we choose 2 winners. The first is the comment that made us giggle the most, which we're knighting upon Shloime Fellig who answered "Born to ride. Now hand me that koozie" ....but more importantly, he included this self-portrait of ZEST!: 

For the 2nd prize, we change our choosing-methods every week. Now guys, I want to make a disclaimer that I am NOT the world's #1 fan of despotism and letting a friend win a contest like this simply because they are a friend is comparable to North Korean political lineage. (We don't hate despotism because of it's ethical implications, but rather because it sounds so ronery.)

That being said, we're totally giving the prize to a good friend and here's why:

The photo, once zoomed in upon, says this: 

(In the early dawn of 2001, Vin Diesel once majestically hummed these poetic words in The Fast & The Furious. Of course Walker had to win this.) 

And as a side note, that same night he picked one of us up from the airport wearing this: 

Since he doesn't participate in social media (WEIRDO.), let's take this opportunity to laugh (CELEBRATE) at him behind his back because of the extreme discomfort (I LOVE IT) this ridiculous (AMAZING) outfit induces in us. 

Okay! Winners, send us your shipping address & we'll send you some freak-love! 

For the new installment of Freak of the Week, tell us WHY YOU LOOK SO FANCY on Clyde's product page! Go team go!