The Troop Troupe

You (yes! you!) guys are the greatest of all the greats. If Alexander the Great, Catherine the Great, and Abraham Lincoln the Great all got together and somehow made a baby (science!?), you would be even greater than Weird Science Baby the Great. 

We really love doing digital dances with you guys on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and all those other things too! So we decided to get sappy and remind you that you all get gold-medals in the game of being "ruling at life." 

Step right this way; your freaker photos below:

(Photo: @kevinfelixroman via Twitter)

Kevin, wherever you are out there, I hope that your table is still full of yellow knit & ripe oranges. 

(Photo: Stephani Rose via Facebook) 

The Artslab guys are on tour right now! If they come to a city, state, or universe near you - let them bring out the paintbrushes on you! 

(@russroe via Twitter)

This one simply said "#jerseyshore oh shore" and I think that's linguistically sufficient enough. 

There is actually no relevant explanation for this. I do, however, hope that this guy gets freaked. That's good enough. 

The caption to this photo was: "#stolen from @cucalorus #surfalorus #boxoffice #getyourfreakon" 

I'm not sure exactly how to interpret where in fact it was stolen from, but it's been 100% established that this picture was stolen from somewhere and subsequently put on Facebook.

(Photo: David Bruce: "Well whaddya know, these things really do fit over EVERYTHING" via Facebook)

Thanks, David! In so many ways! 

Freak on freakin' on folks! You're so very appreciated!