Freak of the Week: Maternity. I think.

There comes a time when all good things must come to a ...pause. I think there's probably a photoshopped sunset out there with a similar proverb on top of it written in comic sans. Maybe papyrus.  Don't pretend you've never seen it. Your distant aunt posts it on Facebook four times a day. 

Our Freak of the Week giveaway contest is one of those things we must put on pause. It's not because we don't love reading over your ridiculous answers to ridiculous questions and then showering you in free stuff. No, we love that. It's because we don't have any new designs to pun over right now. 

(But that answer is really boring, so let's pretend that Freak of the Week is going on vacation to Swaziland.  Or maybe a spiritual pilgrimage to their factory origins. Actually, Freak of the Week is on maternity leave. Hurrah!) 

So here is the last winner-announcement until Freak of the Week's new knitbaby is at least crawling:

Last week we asked you why you're so dang fancy in honor of Clyde:

The first winner goes to the comment that was actually the fanciest:
Rachel Triplett: Nothing but the fanciest of pants could possibly have resulted. Bonnie wants it bad. 

And she attached photos of her parents, which were indeed, very very fancy:


The comment that made us giggle the most (and therefore the second winner) goes to:
Beau LambertI'm so stinking fancy I have to staple my freaking socks to my ankles before I look in the mirror.

We laughed at this so ferociously because, try as we might, we absolutely don't get it. It's really that weird. And that is impressive. 

BRAVO! Winners, send us your address! We have goodies for you!

Freak of the Week bids you temporary adieu!