The Google Searches Not Taken

One fateful day many years ago, Robert Frost stood where two trails split in the forest and taught us the importance of using “the one less traveled by”.

Many of our faithful fans follow the beaten path to our website. They simply pull up Google and type “Freakers” or “FreakerUsa” or even “World's sexiest warehouse”. 

Today, however, we want to honor our fans that took the road not taken. That’s right, ladies and gentleman…buckle up for another round of Google Analytics!

It appears that some people in "internet-land" are less interested in Freakers and more so in the people that sell them.

Here are the stalkerish searches that make us double check the door is locked before we go to sleep:

Searches that made us realize that we're not the only ones that watch Arrested Development 7 years after it went off air:

Now for the fan favorites!

Searches that probably had no intention of ending up at Fort Freaker:

In truth, anyone who would search "happy person riding a narwhal"belongs here. They need Freakers and we need them!

So today, transcend the ordinary! Turn a cold shoulder to "the easy way!". Take the scenic rout! know, dont. Cause what is that poem even about?

Oh, but, before I forget, this one is pretty good: