Everytime we're in New York, we are forced by the laws of nature to spend hours upon hours in the greatest coffee shop that has ever graced this world. If "spirit animals" had a "spirit establishments" equivalent, Kinfolk Studios would be ours. 

We found a spare moment from work this weekend, and it happened to be a beautiful summer afternoon in New York.  What luck! What joy! So we decided to spend the day indoors, working on our day off. 


This space is a beautiful hybrid of Jurassic Park, your mom's gardening fantasy & a `candyshop for vices. We use Kinfolk for our chronic caffeine-addictions, but if you enjoy brunch, booze & bars - they will redefine your standards for places to get-r-dun.  

Even though Lauren is cross-eyed in this photo, it was still a significantly better shot than the one where Macio is stabbing us with his face of fury.

(Alternative caption: "Lauren is so happy that her eyes are high-fiving each other.")

After approximately 4,376 cups of black coffee, we decided that it was finally time to leave these nice people alone. Unfortunately, when one is dealing with "nice people," they tend to do "nice things" and when Kinfolk refused to charge us for our caffeine quota, we were delightfully furious. Seeing that we live in 2012, we have given up the responsibility of carrying cash and thus tipped the lovely beings at Kinfolk with whatever we found in our backpacks, which was mostly just Freakers & coupons for bacon. 

Epilogue: They weren't mad. 

Epilogue Epiclogue: Everybody should go here, always. For everything. 

BRAVO, Kinfolk! You do everything right!