New Hobbies: Blackmail

We've picked up a new hobby to spend the time productively. You guys should really try it out sometime, it's a cool new fad.

It's called "BLACKMAIL"

Backstory: A couple days ago we came home to our boxtruck house and My Morning Jacket was playing a show in our front yard. So we had a (boxtruck) house party. 

A mutual friend, who we will now take the liberty of calling "OUR BEST FRIEND EVER," left her prized jean jacket in the boxtruck house that night. Instead of amicably giving it back, like decent people, we instead decided to make her miserable. Like real friends. 

Once we realized how much fun Google-Imaging "Mel Gibson" and "Jean Jacket Kittens" can be, our professional priorities were forever altered:

The internet only has a limited supply of "Ransom" posters in various languages and it looks like peer-pressure finally forced Fluffy to retire his jacket, so we were forced to take matters into our own hands:

Want your jean jacket back, Arikia? First you must meet a list of demands (which are to be determined. We're still new to this blackmail thing.)