Developed-World Real-Talk

Have you ever heard a middle-class college student complain that their day has been ruined because the new iPhone won't be released for another month? That, my dear, is commonly referred to as "white girl problems." (Evidently white men don't have problems? Common nomenclature can be politically incorrect. Rude.)

This morning, the Freaker Office had our own version of "White Girl Problems":

1. Losing carrots. 
2. Writing the word "Paid" two times too many on a stamp. 
3. Not being able to draw bumble-bees in a satisfactory manner. (They're tricky, okay?)
4. Alisha mistook a ripe banana for a communication device, which in turn led us to a dark-hole of Homestar Runner memories from 2002:

5. And that, my friends, is the ultimate "White Girl Problem." Banana phones. (Assumably to be released with the new iPhone in a month, right?)

On second thought, maybe "banana phones" are a universal problem.