You learn something new every day. Yesterday, we learned "ALWAYS BE A BALLER."

Following this new philosophy, we immediately ordered so many boxes that the box company sent us a free camoflauge children's tent.

It was the box-company's way of saying "Whoa guys, that's a lot of boxes you just ordered. Have a tent. It's for kids, but anybody that would order that many boxes probably is a child in some sense."

(Alisha is not invited in our fort because she's on the phone with an incredibly serious grownup. Sorry, little bean. Maybe next time.)

Lauren doesn't do well in "the outdoors," but she pretends to be a survivalist, so we gave her the fort as a new office space in the backroom. 

She found a neon Bambi statue and proudly announced that she may never leave the "camouflage children's tent that we got for free as a thank-you for ordering such an absurd amount of boxes yesterday." 

Moral of the Story: Be a baller & you'll probably get a fort. The end.