Freakers are always making friends. It is just in their nature(Except Waddledoo, he is just so dang shy). 

Earlier this week, Kuptakes went to a baked goods convention and introduced us to some new friends that we plan on keeping around: Wicked Good Cupcakes

For those who don't know, Wicked Good Cupcakes have figured out how to send happiness in the form of baked awesomeness through the mail. They look like this...

After a quick trip to the spoon drawer, we excitedly ventured where no Freaker has ever gone before.

There was a long thoughtful pause... and then this happened.

A careful review of the Wicked Good Cupcake website led us to this gem. 

At WGC "EVERY batch is tested for quality and appearance."

So today, Thursday, September 13th, Freaker productivity has come to a screeching halt. Instead of trying to Freak the world, we are now updating our resume in hopes of being "Official Cupcake Quality Commander". Since, uh, I'm currently in the process of, uh, getting my resume typed up over at Kinko's(Good People), I will list a few qualifications here:

I never eat less than a sleeve of Oreos, when I bake cookies, the amount of dough I eat is equal to or more than the cookie output, I once went to the hospital with a sugar induced coma(buy one get one free frosting at the grocery store). Please pick me guys!!!!

We only had one suggestion for our Wicked friends.

Rub each jar with Zach's beard hair. Duh.