(Canine) World Peace!!!!

From the very dawn of communication, a great battle has been waged between two worthy opponents. As long as mail-carriers have delivered letters, their adversaries have tried to stop them. The brave men of the Pony Express reported attacks from wild packs of poodles.

Today, however, a great armistice has been established. (at least in Freaker-town)

That's right! In one grand gesture of kindness, the age old battle of Dog Vs Mailman is finally over. Before we shower you with glowing tales of peace and happiness, let's take one last look at the darkness behind us...

Mailmen were the great tormentors of Dogs. Rain, sleet, snow, or shine, our furry friend's territory was intruded upon five days a week. After furious barking, the intruder would leave, only to brazenly return the next day. Battles often looked something like this...

And yes, this is Pete after completing P90X

Recently, our local Mailman decided enough was enough. He came to the Freaker warehouse bearing these offerings of peace.

The next day, he returned eagerly to see if his offering had been accepted...

And it had been!

Now we can all sleep a little easier. We know Nelson will.