Call Me. You know. If you feel like it.

Everybody has subconscious habits.

Whether it be biting your nails, accidentally collecting spoons, or evoking the spirit of Peewee Herman in any and all conversations, it is part of the human condition to have subliminal patterns. We have just come to terms with one of our subconscious habits. If it is a "good thing" or a "bad thing" has yet to be determined, but at least we now acknowledge the fact .... that we really love referencing tasteless pop songs in love notes. Chronically.

Our latest string of offenses manifested itself in the one tasteless-pop-song to rule them all:

We include personalized love notes in each and every package we ship from Freaker Central. We've been seeing a horrific trend in our soliloquies lately. Can you spot the similarities?:

This is what I have become. Special apologies go to my mom, in the event that she views this as "a failure."

Happy Thursday, cruel world.