ArtSlab FreakFab

Our office-hive is swarming with busy busy beard-bees named Zach.

Dear world, I'd like to formally introduce you to Zach Weaver.

He constitutes half of the creative project known as ArtSlab. You may have seen this bizarrely bearded boy at some Freaker events, painting pretty ladies and hanging around in a mobile art-van-house (not to be confused with our boxtruck-house.)

Zach Weaver & Rob Fogle are travelling the country, painting murals and people alike. If you see the ArtSlab van romping around, be sure to stop, drop, and roll yourself into their arms for a bearhug....

Leigh & Lauren were splattered upon by Weaver & Fogle.

....and maybe some bodypaint....

The ArtSlab truck at our oneyear birthday party! CAKE FOR ALL!

... and a Freaker... or four. Oh, did I mention that these fine chaps have Freakers now? Good work, world citizens!