She's Back! The Evolution of The Adrienne!

Adrienne has been resurrected!

With a whole 1.5 weeks of being "Sold Out," the little mama has made a victorious come-back and is currently what some scientists call "hot off the press"
Welcome back, silly goose. In celebration of this journey, here's a photo slideshow of Adrienne's evolution:

Her name was originally Freddy.

There are two things you may not know about Adrienne:
1. Despite her youthful appearance, she's actually extremely old in Freaker years
2. She use to be a he.

Whoa! Adrienne in the hands of her icon! Coincidentally also named Adrienne! META,DUDE!

After "the procedure," Adrienne was emotionally torn as to what ladyname she should adopt. One day, she found herself in the hands of a beautiful woman that was probably even born a woman. An everlasting friendship was formed. Also, the Freaker stole her name.

A year later (which is approximately 4,000 in FreakerYears), Adrienne and Adrienne live happily ever after! 

I know this is an inspirational story - but PLEASE, Hollywood, stop calling already. Adrienne-the-Freaker is camera shy. Have some respect.