Cucalorus Kookstarter!

Every November, the city of Wilmington comes together with a united purpose: experiencing films & getting weird.

Cucalorus International Film Festival is a non-competitive celebration of independent film, vibrant artists, and a community of dreamers. With 4 days left in their Kickstarter campaign, I'm here to serenade you with why Cucalorus is excellent!


Cucalorus is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds for their annual international film festival.The money is going towards hosting filmmakers, keeping independent art overflowing with life, and honoring Wilmington as the sparkling community that it is. Why would you financially help a Swedish guy with a camera get on a plane? WORMS!

1. Pledge a dollar, adopt a worm.

Part of the Wilmo's Womery project, resident-artists Elizabeth Lawrence and Matt Hulse are giving you the opportunity to fulfill all of your wiggly adoption dreams.


Pledge at least $5 to the campaign and you've got yourself a ticket to the prom. (Now featuring: DIGNITY!)

After last year's screening of The Other F Word. RAUCOUS RANDY!

3. The prizes for your Kickstarter support will reconfirm that you are a super-hero.

It’s like all the shiny knick-knacks you never got for Christmas. Mannequins, Festival Passes and of course, those little one-size-fits-all bottle sweater things (hint: it’s a Freaker.)

3. The post-film festivities are a cesspool of creative stimulation.

Every night during the festival, everyone gathers around the fire in the backyard of Jengo's Playhouse (CucHeadquarters) and share projects, stories, and dreams from their respective corners of hte world. You may recognize Jengo's Playhouse as the venue we've used in the past for Freaker parties! Complete with an open bar, a vintage bus-house, firepits and glittering lounge havens, the backyard of Jengo's is a magical wonderland. This is a perfect party, and you're invited.

If you are unsure what's happening in this photo, that probably means that it's worth checking out

5. Be proud of your community. You deserve it.

It is no mystery why each member of the Freakerteam has played an active role in the festival throughout the years. The community of Wilmington is limitless in it's ability to make people smile. Be proud of this remarkably special place, and let's share it with other remarkably special people of the special world! We are small, and we are strong. I've heard small communities stereotyped as oppressively bland. The rumors are not true. Wilmington is magnificently colorful, and Cucalorus has a knack for attracting visitors that are just as bonkers as we are. Every year we welcome them with open arms and ignited enthusiasm, explaining, without words, why this area is cherished for our cultural warmth (southern charm is alive, y’all!)

This is one of those events where we can show the world what a special place we live in, how neatly we've made the bed we rest in, who is around to lend a helping hand when you trip and fall on your ears (just that one time, and I'm pretty sure that everybody & their ears left unscathed. Because of community. And how much it rules.)

But most importantly, you get to adopt a worm.