Cuppow Launch

Freaker USA will be carrying Cuppows as of Friday! LET'S CELEBRATE!

This Thursday at 8pm, we'll be throwing a launch-soiree at The Soapbox in downtown Wilmington! Giveaways and Photoshoots abound!

Made in the USA, Cuppows turn your mason-jar into a to-go sippy-cup! We're so excited that we want to freak the world with a resounding karate-move that goes a little somethin' like this:

- Giveaways Goodies!

A free Freaker, free16 oz. mason jar, and a free Cuppow to the first 50 people!

-Photographer Justin Mitchener is here to take fancy photos of you

They will float around on the internet
for years to come!

-Drink specials that will rock your socks off!

Also, if you're after the first 50 freebie-victors, the bar will be running a special - $10 for a beer, mason jar, Freaker & Cuppow! SAY WHA?!

-The Soapbox rules.

You know this already. Let's wallow in it.