Snark Shank

Freaker Zach Crain on Shark Tank

Following the announcement of our segment on ABC's Shark Tank yesterday, we've gotten some delightful media press.

The most interesting part of media coverage is not always the journalism itself, but the unedited user comments that trail along afterwards. A local news station blurbed a blurb about our upcoming show, which was pleasant enough, but the real gems come from the reactions. Like what? Like this:

"His beard both scares me and makes me nauseous."

And that, my friends, is what the internet was invented for. Other comments on the WWAY article include loving faith -

"From last weeks previews i thought it was going to be a joke."

- and community support -

"And here I was hoping it was a real shark tank and he could take a couple of city council members as well as 1 or 2 County Members into the tank with him."

(Update: one commenter seems skeptical on the realism of these hopes, presumably because marine biology exists and sharks dietary habits have been scientifically established:)

"It won't work with sharks, they don't eat scum.

Local news isn't the only outlet that's winking at us. The Shark Tank Blog ran a piece on the history of Freaker USA, predictions of how the sharks will react, and the aesthetic qualifications of Mister Zach.

"Zach comes across as a wacky, crazy hippy dude (back in the Happy Valley he’d be coined “earthy/crunchy”); I say he’s crazy like a fox!"

That's quite romantic, actually. Shark Tank Blog, are you hitting on us? If so, the answer is a resounding YepYep. My only hope is that we will not be looked down upon for Media Polygamy. With four more days to go, our prediction is that we'll end up wallowing in all of these lovenests.