Working for the Weekend: An Excerpt from the Freaker Diary

Dear Diary,

As you know, Saturdays are usually pretty sad for me. Often times I sit looking out my window, longing for the aqua and orange walls of the Freaker USA headquarters. The rest of my weekend usually drags on until I wake up with a smile Monday morning and drive to work…

This weekend was different! In light of recent events. I got to hang out with my Freaker friends all day! This is the story of eight best friends, and the most perfect day there ever was.
First, we all got to sit around and watch replays of a certain show on ABC.

Often times, work starts in a similar fashion. We are trying to make our way through AFI’s Top 100 Movie list, 15 minutes at a time(we are now 15 minutes behind in The Wizard of Oz, so don’t spoil it).

Next came 80’s jamz and the first ever FREAKER ASSEMBLY LINE! Like a well-oiled machine, eight became one, and Freakers got packed up.

The calm before the storm…

Here, Love-note extraordinaire, Leigh Voli, moves more boxes then all the men in village could ever dream.

Never to be outdone, Michael McLamb, brings boxes to the shipping area faster than we can fill them!

Lauren always finds time for shenanigans, even in the technology corner.

When all was said and done, we all sat down and broke bread together, and by bread, we mean burritos. (VIVA BURRITOS!)

At the end of the day, our goal was reached. Come Monday, all these peepz are getting Freaked!

Is your new friend in this pile?