Frenzy Friends!

This is Lauren Krakauskas. She sat in an empty bathtub until 6 am on Friday night writing emails and screaming absurdities. Welcome to the circus, little doves.

We here at The Freakerteam have been channeling busy/buzzing/bubbling bumblebees lately.

Here is a comprehensive list of some of the things that we have accomplished in the last 72 hours. (Photos to prove that all of the rumors are true.)

- Filled an entire boxtruck house with saucyboxes, much to the post-office's dismay.

Garnered a fleet of oddballs to sketch narwhales, mermen, and unicorns for all of your personal love notes! (Every package gets one, y'all!)

Revisited old hobbies, such as trolling Fred Durst on Twitter.

Forged Vin Diesel's autograph.

... There were also a couple instances of inappropriate stripping in the workplace, but we'll spare you photo documentation.