Glamour Slammers!


Do you ever find yourself on a treasure quest for odd pictures of yourself on the internet?

It's okay - you're human! And we live in an age of robots! Robots to remind us that humans have more fun than non-humans! That's why we're here (acting as both humans and robots! Analyse that one, physics.)

Some of the fancypants pictures from Friday night's viewing party can be seen on our Facebook page! Go forth, homosapiens! To the Book of Faces!

There were giggles and cuties! (With magnificent sweater selections.)

There were grimaces and Petey Pablo's army of miscreants!

There were distortions and overflowing buckets of love!

There was a whole crowd of little boogers that decided to change their lingua de franca from English to Morse Code.

Beep beep. BEEP!

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