Justin Lacy Signing in for BLOW-YOUR-MIND Duty!

Justin Lacy's album release party at The Soapbox! Freaker Boxtruck in lounge-force! Doors at 8, music at 9!

If you've ever put your party-pants on for our Freaker events, you've probably found yourself entranced by Justin Lacy & The Swimming Machine: a musical ensemble that we tend to exploit (with love!) simply because they create sounds so phenomenal that you can taste it. In your mouth. In your eyes. In your guts.

As of tomorrow night, you no longer have to hunt them down in order to get that special soulgasm. Justin Lacy is having an album release party at the Soapbox. We will be setting up the Freaker Boxtruck outside as a sensory-overload rehabilitation-lounge for when your knees begin to tremble.

We were honored with a first-listen to their debut album, Overgrown, and know this: the dogs have been let loose, the clowns of the underworld have risen. There's no going back now, the circus is taking over. Visually, the depth of their project is astounding. With an army of 18 joy-warriors on the album, here's what to instrumentally expect: a forest of sirens, a fairy tale of friendly serpents, the Brothers Grim seeping into your pores, and resolute answers to the swampy mysteries of the lowlands. 

With that said, we'll be seeing you tomorrow night. Beware: it is a very real possibility that you will somehow find yourself in a tunnel in New Orleans tango dancing with a pack of hybrid wolves. And you like it. True grit!