Truck-A-Roo BoogyDown!

Tomorrow from 4-8, we'll have the boxtruck set up for Wilmington's 1st Truck a ROO!

In less than 24 hours, it will officially be Saturday morning. What does this mean for you? Cereal! Cartoons! Cigars! Of course, we didn't have to tell you these things: it is innate knowledge. Here's what we do have to tell you: Wilmington's very first Truck A ROO is launching into space! With regional food trucks stationed downtown, nibbles will be plentiful. We're also setting up the Freaker Boxtruck as a musical stage so that you can wear that Jitterbug Perfume all day!

Wallowing in the glory is free! You can also buy a ballot card for $10, which gets you all the edibles! And for the lushes (I'm looking at you. In the soul.) there will be local microbrews & mischief for all!

We love trucks. We also love eating things. Therefore, Zach is going to be on the panel of food judges!

Other fun details COMMENCE:

Admission is free. $10 gets you a Ballot Card to sample each truck & vote for Best in Show! 

Downtown at Riverfront Park! 

Food trucks to participate: Catch, Poor Piggy's, Flaming Amy's, The Cheesy Banker, Welo's, Patty Wagon!

On the Freaker Stage: Groove Fetish, Fred Flynn & Wes Sayer, Jesse Stockton & Dead Sparrow!

Craft Brews: Natty Green's, Lonerider, Carolina Brewery, Weeping Radish!