Cuc Daze

My initial reaction was to quote a Coldplay song, but then I told myself "Don't Panic."

Cucalorus has officially launched into space!

Some freakfest highlights: Last night Zach was the opening wizard for Visual Soundwalls, the music video showcase segment of our community's International Film Festival. Wands, beards, and PBR onesies would give the impression that he had changed clothes in the past 24 hours, but alas, there is photographic evidence suggesting the contrary.

Noon uniforms.

This afternoon, the filmfestival hosted lunch on the Battleship. Unfortunately, nobody had the foresight to bring the boardgame Battleship. But the world continued to spin, so ...there's that.

Or did it?

Tonight Justin Mitchener, as shown so happily above, will be the event photographer for Cucalorus' traditional Midnight Brunch! This year, we will be munching at the Children's Museum. Yes, all of your assumptions are true: Fooding and boozing hoards of excited artists in a kid's exhibition at midnight can only end one way. And it is phenomenal. Playdates 2012!