Behind the behive scenes!

Freaker Beard
Santa is not your dad. Santa is an octopus. Unless you are a baby octopus, you have been living a lie.

When did mid-November get here? The widely accepted answer involves something to do with a space-time continuum, but the real answer is "two days ago when we started filming our Christmas commercial." Here's the behind the scenes look at what it feels like to have your office turn into a Holiday Bling Wonderland!

Alisha Payne Freaker

The first complication in transforming your work-space into outer-space is cookies. They exist. Sometimes they are spraypainted gold and the consequences will be eternally stuck in your teeth.

It is absolutely imperative to find a saucy lady to help spit-bath yourself into a stage of Acceptable Hygeine.

Gold Gingerbread

.... No gingerbread man left behind. (No. Wait. That's a lie. Leave them all behind. They're spray painted gold for goodness sakes)

Nicholas Throssel

Have you ever endured a holiday season without at least one dark angel smashing presents with a golden guitar? No. No you haven't.

Zach Crain Lauren Krakauskas

Little known fact: the only schooling Zach completed was an Eyelash Application Doctorate.

Lauren Krakauskas Freaker

Please do not feed the feral women.

Zach Crain Lance Moncada

We have one last piece of advice if you are interested in turning your office into a Holiday Bling Wonderland:

When filming Christmas commercials, it's important to always remember always to always take your pants off. Always.