Mass Mess

Freaker Office

Look at that mess. That is our office. How did it get to be such a mess? Ah, let's break it down.

Cuppow Freaker

Those fly kids at Cuppow have some new doodads, which were immediately turned into tools of harassment against Mister Pete.

Mess Factor: 2.

Justin Mitchener

Christmas shoots generally include the following: Dilapidated moose costumes, wire trees on tin trumpets, strange light-boxes and stranger bearded-men.

Mess Factor: 9.

Atlantis Zach Crain

We helped sponsor the new issue of Atlantis this past week. As a testament of their thanks, these sweetpeas made us a goodybox of holiday treats. We learned an important life lesson in this tasty act of kindness: There is a market for snow in cans. Snow. In a can. Canned snow.

Mess Factor: 69,000,000.