The Return of Black Freakday!

Black Freakday: For every 6 Freakers you buy, you'll get all 3 holiday designs for free!

I get it. You just waited in line for 14 hours for the new Tickle-Me-Elmo to no avail. I feel your pain. To express our deepest condolences, we want to tickle your elmo with the one gift for your entire family/friend gift circuit!

Math class for Tiny Tim! Buy 6, get 3 holiday freakers! Buy 12, get 6, Buy all of them, get a lot of them! IT'S SCIENCE! As an added bonus: we won't make you wait in line for 14 hours in the snow!

Grandparents, baby boogers, co-workers, that weirdy wino you know you're related to but can never remember his name... Freak everything, freak everybody! Stock up on some freebies while you're at it! One holiday season to freak them all!