The Township of Freakerville

Big Printer

Things have been a little hectic lately here in Freakerville, and when we get frazzled, strange things start to occur.

Here is a photo journal of weird happenings that have been making an appearance in our office over the past week.

As shown above, Justin had a "late night" on the internet and ordered a new girlfriend. She comes in the form of a 6 ft. wide printer and we wish them the absolute best together.

Berry Balls

Life tip: if you ever get overwhelmed, put a couple berries in your socket and remind yourself that the word "Saturday" exists.

Quirky Designer

Not only does Justin Mitchener exclusively work in caves, but he copes with being too busy by designing upside-down. Neurosis Watch 2012!


Alisha is probably the most visibly put-together out of all of us when it comes to dealing with time constraints. If you look closely, though, you can find clues to her neurosis. Take a gander at her desk wall, for example. Contents include Will Smith, fabric scraps, and a cardboard cutout of a chair that is wrongly labeled as her own.

Celine Dion Weird

I think now is an appropriate time to tell you a truth: This is Celine Dion. 

No, really. It is Celine Dion. 

That is all.