Vin Diesel: Ghost of Christmas 4EVA!

 Vin Diesel Christmas

Charles Dickens, although generally respected, had one widely apparent flaw: he was unable to predict the future correctly.

His classic tale The Christmas Carol has touched the masses, but very few that enlightened enough to know that the story was unfinished. So here's my open letter to Charles Dickens:

Yo Charles Dickens,

I diggin your book. U know I got mad respect for my boy Tiny Tim, but dat homie Scrooge be trippin. Wuts he got against bugs? Why he always yellin about hummin' em? Dat be rude, bro. N-E-wayz, I wuz thinkin' you should know dat you left out a Christmas ghost, dawg. C, you gots da Ghost of Christmas Past, da Ghost of Christmas Prezent, and da Ghost of ChristmasFuture. U know wut u don't have? DA GHOST OF CHRISTMAS 4EVA. I gotta surprise for you, dawg. I happen to know who dat ghost is. Dat ghost is Vin Diesel.

Wuts dat, Charles Dickens? U don believe me? IT'S DA TROOF N' I HAVE PROOF,DAWG.


All dank ghosts got wings. Ur ghosts ain't got even one wing, homie! In his own wurdz, Vin Diesel got WINGS. I dun no if you can talk good, Charlez, but dat S means dat he's got all da wings.

Vin Diesel Dragon

All deez peeps think that just cuz Santas got reindeers dat he can fly fast. Have u SEEN Da Fast & Da Furious?! My boy Vin is faster than all dem reindeer. Plus, he be a dragon. Dragon on NOS.

Vin Diesel Gay

Vin Diesels got dat Christmas spirit, yo.

Vin Diesel Romantic

U C WUT I MEAN!? Itz da Ghost of Christmas 4EVA! He said it 'imself. He be here 4eva.

Charles Dickens, plz revise your story Da Christmas Carol to include my boy Vin Diesel. And tell dat shawty Scrooge to stop trippin. Say word, ya heard? 

Aight den,

Da Fteam.

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