"&#@% you" Said Mr. Pete, Always.

We have a total of two office dogs that help make all executive decisions.

One, Nelson Mandela is a sprightly little thing who's positive outlook and stick-fetching skills keep our morale on the ups. The other, Mr. Pete, is not as ...festive ... as the apartheid angel.

Yellow Rental Truck

But just because Mr. Pete isn't "good" at enthusiasm, doesn't mean that he has no special talents! He has an uncanny ability to not give a single [insert expletive-of-your-choice here] at any given moment. He also knows exactly when to stare at a person's private-parts for a photo-op. 

American Windbreakers

Realistically, Mister Pete serves as an all encompassing balance to the typical antics of a 9-6 office job. While most people are doing keg-stands in their cubicles, Mister Pete has us emotionally chained to our Quickbooks. Productivity thanks you, Sir.