GIVEAWAY ALERT! (Puppy not included)

Everybody loves free stuff & puppies.

Remember this poster that our art director created to test our new printer (GIRLFRAND)? Well, it turns out that he never saved the file for this design job.

Moral of the story: Due to an adorable neurosis, there is only one of these little (big. it's 24" x 36") babies in existence.

Moral of the story #2: It's Tuesday, so let's give it away!

Upload a picture of you and your freaker "Getting Juicy With It" to instagram and tag #freakdreams to enter for your chance to win this one-of-a-kind poster & a goody bag of 6 assorted Freakers!

***Okay also, by entering this contest you agree not to sue us like a jerk if we use your image in a blog post about how awesome everything is.***