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Saved By The Bell

... Psyche! Nothing is too cool for school because school ranks #1 on the Cool List.

But guess what? School just got even cooler (now ranking at #2Infinity&Beyond on the Cool List!) due to the fact that 101 universities across the nation just got Freaked! Did your mecca-of-awesome take the plunge?! Here's the full list of collegiate bookstores that are now official vendors of the freak!

In no particular order, because ... screw it:

1. Tulane University (WEEZY!!!) 

2. University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Evidently, their mascot is not Fat Elvis. Lameeeee.)

3. Harvard University (Daayyyyyuuuummmmmm!!!)

4. Rochester Institute of Technology (New York!)

5. Rutgers University (If I say something about the Jersey Shore, somebody somewhere will get pissy. Promise.)

6. Seattle Pacific University (MEG EFFIN' RYAN!) 

7. Baltimore University 

8. Liberty University (Lynchburg will never NOT be a weird name for a town in Virginia.)  

9. Boston University (The ghost of Howard Zinn! Hey dude!)

10. Bucknell University (Pennsylvania!)

11. California State University, Los Angeles 

12. University of South Carolina (Unfortunately, there are no putt-putt courses involved. Myrtle Beach 4eva!)

13. Yale (BOOOOOOOSH!!!!) 

14. Camden County College (Jersay!)

15. Wayne State University (Detroit! This school also goes by the name Eminem-Acted-Once University)

16. The Catholic University of America (DC! Where all that stuff happens!) 

17. John Hopkins University (The Wire. You know what I'm talkin' about.)

18. College of Charleston (....Charleston. Derp.) 

19. California State University, Stanislaus (STANISLAUS IS A REAL WORD! This is groundbreaking news.)

20. Babson College (Massasssssmusetts!)

21. Northeastern State University (Oklahoma!) 

22. Eckerd College (Flo-Rida!)

23. Louisiana State University

24. Emory University (Hotlanta!)

25. Florida Atlantic University

26. University of Central Florida (Where the F is Disneyland already?)

27. Fordham University - Rose Hill (THE BRONX!!!) 

28. Fordham University - Lincoln Center (New York!) 

29. University of Tampa

30. George Mason University (Virginia...slims!) 

31. Georgia Gwinnett College (Peaches! MILLIONS OF THEM.)

32. New Mexico State University

33. Hofstra University (New York City! Apples and apples and also pretty girls.) 

34. Indiana State University 

35. Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

36. Augsburg College (Minneapolis!! )

37. La Salle University (Philly cream cheese)

38. Indiana University Bloomington

39. University of Toledo (Bancroft campus. Not to be confused with LaraCroft campus.) 

40. Louisiana Tech

41. Loyola University (Maryland Merryland!)

42. Marist College (Poughkeepsie.... eternally the greatest proper noun in the English language.)

43. Michigan University (Presumably, Sufjan Stevens wrote a song about this.)

44. University of Maryland 

45. Moravian College (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. AKA Hall & Oates' Christmas album.) 

46. Norfolk State University 

47. New York Fashion Institute (Home of each pair of fancypants ever known to man.)

48. Ole Miss (The real name for University of Mississppi. Really. I double-dog dare you to find me something more adorable. Because you can't.)

49. Penn State (Sean Penn State!) 

50. Penn State Abington 

51. Point Loma Nazarine University (San Diego got wordy.)  

52. Penn State Halls Shop (I don't even know what this means, but there's an invoice for it, so that makes it real life.)

53. Rowan-Cabarrus Community College (Petey Pablo, come on and raise up.)

54. Rowan University (Jersssayyyy!)

55. Southern Connecticut University 

56. Sam Houston State University (Fact: Texas is bigger than France.) 

57. San Jose State University (Spartans are actually very terrifying mascots.) 

58. Sante Fe College 

59. Delgado Community College (N'awlins!)

60. Simmons College (Bawstan Red Sox, mang) 

61. Sonoma State University (Cue in The OC soundtrack) 

62. Southern Methodist University (Tejas!) 

63. Southern Mississippi University (Because the regular Mississippi just isn't southern enough.)

64. St. Mary's College (Okay, alright. I know there are 3 million St. Mary's colleges, but this is the one in California.)

65. Stony Brook University (New York!)

66. SUNY Albany (State Universitys of New York get the greatest acronym. SOONY BALLOONY!) 

67. Temple University (Innnnnn West Philadelphia, born and raised...) 

68. Tennessee Tech University 

69. Texas A&M (Will somebody please explain to me what an Aggie is already?)

70. Texas A&M Corpus Christi 

71. Ohio State University (Kind of like that Neil Young song, but significantly less tragic.)

72. Tufts University (I know they have a gazillion locations. This is the one is in Medford.) 

73. University of Arkansas at Little Rock (Dwayne Johnson's geographical offspring.)

74. Clemson University (South Carolina!)

75.  California State University, Monterey Bay 

76. University of South Florida at Tampa 

77. Florida International University 

78. University of North Carolina at Charlotte (City of all those Queens.)

79. University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Purplesboro.)

80. Caldwell College (New Jarsey!)

81. University of Chicago (Obama. And Kanye. Mostly Kanye.)

82. Rutgers University - Camden (Is this different than regular ol' Rutgers? Somebody out there knows, but not I.)

83. Mississippi State University

84. University of Pennsylvania (Q: How many University of Pennsylvanias are there? A: All of them.)

85. Emerson College (Bawwwwston!)

86. Texas Christian University

87. Furman University (South Carolina, ja mang.) 

88. Sewanee: The University of the South 

89. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (That one Johnny Cash song. That is all.)

90. Vanderbilt University 

91. Virginia Commonwealth University 

92. Wagner College (Staten Island Boogytown!)

93. Washington University (Shockingly, Washington State is actually in Missouri. WTF, guys?)

94. Washington Medical School (Still in Missouri. Still.)

95. Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, y'all!) 

96. William & Mary (Virginia, obviously.)

97.  University of North Carolina at Wilmington (Hometown hotspot GO GO GO!) 

98. Xavier University of Louisiana 

99. University of Redlands 

100. University of Portland (....ia.) 

101. St. Louis University (Inspired, in full, by Nelly.)

(....102. A guy named Cody sold a Freaker to a kid in a community college parking lot. This counts, right? Check and check.)