Say, What?! Freaker Friday!

From the dawn of time, one thing has excited human beings more than life itself. That, dear internet people, is free stuff!

In order to celebrate this primitive tradition, we are starting our "FREAKER FRIDAY GIVEAWAY!". Every Friday we are going to come up with a creative way to get stuff from our office to your beautiful hands! Previous contests have used Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, these are all fair game, but not exclusive. You just need to be part of our newsletter to get the announcements.

Here, in the Land of the Freak and the Home of the Brave, we have a cherished history of giving away free things!

Right from the get-go, we pledged Freakers to those who supported our KickStarter, and while Freakers weren't technically weren't "free," thousands of lucky ducks got 'em for a dollar!

As we grew, and the green on our ears changed to a slight shade of brown, there was the semi-consistent "Freak of the Week," contest. Initially an engaging contest of Punnery and Wittery, it eventually turned into which post made us laugh the hardest.

Not too long ago, we teamed up with Casable, in an attempt to get Zach's face into your home.

Most recently, Twitter was the playing field of our epic Juicy Giveaway.

What is the point of this history lesson? Simply this: We Love You People, all of you.

In order to be privy to all this new contest goodness, you need to sign up for our newsletter! That is where we will release the weekly contest information, as well as the previous week's wieners! Like Ralph's Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring, our newsletter will divulge secret, wonderful information. But ya gotsta sign up, y'all!

P.S. Prizes will not consist of Ovaltine.