First Freaker Friday Giveaway!!

Lindsey Lohan Freak

The time has come! The First Freaker Friday Giveaway has descended upon us. What does this mean for you?This: Every Friday you will now have the chance to win some Free Willy goodies that are completely unrelated to the movie except for the word "free."

For our kickoff giveaway, we're going to play a guessing game with you. The above photo (an artistic interpretation of Global Harmony, for all of you that didn't "get it") has been posted to our Facebook page. We've chosen a particular place (THE SWEET SPOT!) in the photo that is the winning ticket.

Go to Facebook, find this photo, and tag yourself in it! The person who tags themselves in the place closest to the sweet spot gets the prize! UPDATE: The Facebook robot is clammin' the jammin' and won't allow anymore tags. So SHARE THE PHOTO with where you think the sweetspot is for a chance to win!

This week, we're giving away a limited edition Freaker shirt and three Freakers of your choice! The shirt is made of organic cotton, comes in S,M,L & XL, and is covered in the mugshot of James Brown. Fun fact: it is impossible to buy the shirt anywhere in the world because we never actually sold them. Hooray!