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Freaker Friday Icy-Hawt Edition!

Half of the Freakerteam is currently stationed in NYC for a gift show. Hailing from a week of beach days and sun shines, we forgot that snow, ice and Sasquach are a very real part of winter. We are freezing in our little boots, and therefore we want to make sure that you stay chilly also. Because that's love.

For this week's Freaker Friday, we're giving away three Freakers & a Corkcicle, a package that would normally be $50. (Pssht: if you don't know what a Corkcicle is, it's a fantastic creation that keeps your wine chilled and you awesome. Check it!)

How to enter: Share a photo on Twitter of your interpretation of the words "Winter Wizard Whoopsies" with the hashtag #FreakcicleGiveaway

For example, this would probably be our submission, but really, do anything you want:

It can be your photo, it can be completely plagiarized. I don't care. It's cold outside.


January 25, 2013 by Freaker USA

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