NYIGF & Freaker Friday Weiners!

Freaker booth

Are you in New York for the International Gift Fair?! Oh lawdy, we are too!!! Here's why you should absolutely come visit us at booth #2755: 

1. We have a present for you! Hint: It starts with a Fre and ends with an Aker. And no, it is not a French breadmaker. 

2. Yesterday was Champagne Monday (yes, this is a real thing, don't ask questions.) Maybe there are some leftovers for yours truly! 

3. We will serenade you with your favorite hits from 1992. Don't believe me? Try us. 

4. Endless high fives and a loving peer-pressure to come bowl with us tonight. 

And now for the winners of last week's Freaker Friday Giveaway contest!!! We asked you to get all tweety and post a photo of what you thought "Winter Wizard Whoopsies" might possibly mean. The grand prize winner goes to Elizabeth Irizarry (@loveandhk), who gave us this little gem: 

Elizabeth Irizarry

But there were so many wonderful submissions, and time has proven that we are big suckers, so there are also two runners up. The first pseudo-winner goes by the name Nathan Swann (@nathancswann), who crawled into our braingrapes with this little number:

Nathan Swann

Touche, Nathan. Touche. The next runner up goodiebag goes to Heather Dill (@trisignata) for this nonsensical gem: 

Heather Dill

We are going to take a leap of faith-in-humanity and assume that this is a real game. Never having actually played this real game, this snapshot made us exceptionally nostalgic. For what? I DON'T KNOW. That's why I like it. 

Winners! Send your shipping address & your 3 most coveted Freakers to freaker@freakerusa.com ! WOO!