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Freaker Friday: A Love Story

Hey hotpants. It's Friday. It's Freaker Friday. If that sounds steamy to you, rest well knowing that you are doing everything right.

HOW TO ENTER: We're in the midst of writing the greatest romance novel of all time but we've run into a poetic problem. We don't have a title yet. Caption this photo in the comment section below for a chance to win a care package of forbidden love!

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: This week's giveaway features a timeless romance between two star-crossed products. We're giving away the three sauciest Freakers with a Cuppow pack! That includes LoveGlove, Bonnie, Clyde, a Cuppow, and a 16 oz. mason jar!

If you don't already know what Cuppows are, welcome to the future of love. Made in the USA, they turn your canning jars into travel mugs! We've had an ongoing romance with the company, throwing Cuppow-appreciation parties, photoshoots, and profiles. They. Are. Awesome. 

Disclaimer: We're not actually writing a romance novel. Yet. But we still love you. 


February 01, 2013 by Freaker USA

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