Valentines Freakdom & Friday Winners!

Wedding Tables

Holy sugar cakes, Valentines Day is next week.

Have you freaked your sweet yet?! Did they freak you back?! Lucky for you, we have the perfect duo to satisfy all of your freak needs! Bonnie & Clyde are here to save the day! Also! We're throwing in a free LoveGlove on all orders of 2 or more Freakers!
And now for the winners of last week's Freaker Friday Giveaway! We asked you to title our saucy romance novel on the blog to win a special Cuppow pack with all 3 of our most romantic Freakers! The grand prize winner goes to Jamie Williams, who gave us the title "Why the Caged Kim Sings."

We also chose 2 runner ups, who are knighted with a care package of 3 Freakers!

Ferne Emery - Kanye's Greatest Hits
Mellissa Dionesotes - Done is Sixty Seconds.

Winners, send us your addresses! We have goodies for you!