Poetry Jampants

In last week's Freaker Friday giveaway contest, we asked you to reveal your tender side of sweet sweet romance in the form of a rhyme. There were hints of Shakespearean soliloquies, but overtones of Nelly. 

What was up for grabs: A Rewined Candle & two Freakers! 

The lucky ducks and their winning rhapsodys: 

Jeremy Neff
Next week I will Freak My 2 Year Anniversary (On V-Day)
I'll Freak the Best Steak I've Had in My Life
I'll Freak Some Wine I'll Freak My Wife
I'll Freak her with Chocolates
I'll Freak her with Flowers 
I'll Freak her with my Freaker Giveaway winning powers.
This I tell you and it is no Freaking lie.
Give me your Freakers or you'll Freaking die.

Stephanie Diorio 

Next week to celebrate St. Valentine,
I will eat a whole bunchof cake
probably sit on my behind
and think about all the dates I will not take

 I will drink with my Freaker
wrapped around my cup
Maybe listen to the song Moneymaker
or do one or two pushups

I may take a long nap
but my drink will remain cold
because a sweater is better than plastic wrap
and all those sweaty drinks just get old

So while to everyone else this maybe
a freaky sounding day
I'm just like aye matey, 
Freakers all the way!

April Johnson 

Oh Freaker my Freaker,
When I first laid eyes 
On you beautiful thighs
I knew I must have you.

You walked into the Tank,
Sadly your ship sank,
But found a new fan in me,
For your vision I could see.

With a boop and a beep
I knew I was in deep,
Now I long every day
To be your Freak!

Congratulations, weiners!!!! Send us your shipping addresses & we'll send you a package full of starry-eyed goodies!!