Entrepreneurial Call to ARMS!

Do you have amazing ideas that will make you 1 gazillion dollars, 2 gazillion milkshakes & 3 gazillion yachts?

Of course you do. You're a brilliant fox. Every morning, you wake up, brain teeming with too many ideas to write down. You would need an army of factories just to keep up!

Lucky for you, we have found that army of factories. Better still, they are all located in a little place called AMERICA! 

Maker's Row has taken the pleasure of getting American factories in their database, now all you have to do is get on there and start connecting the dots!

With these resources, there is no reason why there can't be an invention for all of life's unsolved problems; like having to chew food, wear pants, listen to your boss, and making small talk with you ex.

We have given you the tools; now go invent FIRE!

Go team!