Freaker Friday: The(slam)Rock

Freaker Friday Paper

Paper Wallets & Slamrocks! It's Freaker Friday!

Earlier this week, we introduced Slamrock to the Freaker Family. We're not exactly sure where the name Slamrock came from, but there been have a couple guesses. Could it be the prehistoric Irish sister-village to Bedrock? Maybe it has something to do with mountain chiseling?

NO. You're all wrong. There is only one rock in this world and it is The Rock. Dwayne effin' Johnson.

But what is The Rock slamming? Let us know with a comment on Slamrock's product page for a chance to win one of 5 giveaway prizes!

What you're getting this week: Paper Wallets!!! Thin. Expandable. Durable. Eco-Friendly. These art-driven wallets are extraordinarily sturdier than you might expect from a normal paper product, plus they are snazzzzzzy as snazzy can be. The winners will also be getting the new Slamrock Freaker!

Rock on.
(The) Rock on.