Win the Entire New Freaker Line!

Who's your Dirty Carl?

With the release of our new line fast approaching, we've decided to get frisky with you and give a lucky duck the entire new Freaker line before it's officially released. Ready? Yes.

Welcome to the stage Dirty Carl, one of our new 18 styles! Whether it be your drummer cousin, neighborhood botanist, or the guy in your bathroom mirror.. everybody knows at least one Dirty Carl. Who is yours?

Submit a photo of YOUR Dirty Carl (tweet it at us, instagram us, post it to our Facebook wall!) and we'll put your photo in our special Facebook album. Whoever's Dirty Carl gets the most "likes" wins the full 2013 line before it's officially released!

Winner(s?) announced in 2 weeks! Go team go!

(Yes. This is a Dirty Carl doppleganger popularity contest on the internet. No regrets.)