Slamrock Freaker Friday Winners!

Lauren Lassiter Rock

You are the champions, my friends!

It's time to announce the champions of last week's Freaker Friday. We asked you what The Rock (yep yep mmhmm yesmam Dwayne effin' Johnson) was slamming on Slamrock's product page for a chance to win one of 6 Paper Wallets & a Slamrock of your own! And the weiners are...

Wally Napier - Boston, Massachusetts

The Rock is slamming rocks on other rocks, because he knows the value and aesthetic of ancient fossils.

Matthew Scott Redwine - Wilmington, North Carolina

The Rock is slamming tiny Hambergers. Not miniature beef patty sandwiches, but actual German midgets. Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? Yes, it smells like human flesh and I am horrified.

Katie Grace - Saint Louis, Missouri

Dwayne Johnson love slammin' slammers in heated games of (the 90s classic) POGS. he may be behind the times, but he plays for keeps. and word to the wise, if you ever play Ro-Sham-Bo with Dwayne, he chooses rock every time. so egotistical.

Adrienne Robertson - Lynchburg, Virginia
Peter and Lois

John Hobgood - Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina


Sarah Catherine Golden - Asheville, North Carolina

The Rock is slammin' a bold frolic in plaid, a marvelous gambol through a lush thicket of velvet greenery, a splash of coy merriment upon his blazen tongue. He is literally swollen from joy, libations, and Freaking so long and with such fervor. He is slammin' LIFE.

Congratulations, victors! Send us your shipping address and we'll send you a care package of lovin' ons! To stay up to date with all of our Freaker Friday giveaways, sign up for our newsletter! WOO SPRING BREAK WOO!