Dirty Dopples

On Tuesday, we gave you a sneakpeak of our newest member of the Freaker Family: Dirty Carl.

Now let me clarify, Dirty Carl happens to be a real person that we have the honor and the pleasure of knowing personally. Let this stand as a fair warning to everybody that we happen to have the pleasure of knowing personally: there is a very real chance that one day we will exploit you on the internet. In a doppleganger contest. For prizes. But mostly for the funsies.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite submissions so far for the Who's Your Dirty Carl contest!

Here is an entire slew of Dirty Carls submitted by Mallory Messina via Facebook: "ALL my Dirty Carls are in the only all-male dance troupe in New Orleans, the 610 Stompers."

Both submitted via Facebook, the fine chap on the right is "Dirty Joshua" via Dustin Barbee, and the little booger on the left is Courtney Brooks with her "Dirty Carl(my grandpa) outside Cracker Barrel in 1986." D'aw!

Ladies and gents, to the left we have"Jordan's friend Alex" who's photo has inspired a frenzy of animal noises in the office today. To the left is a newfound knowledge that "there was a Dirty Carl beard-growing badge" submitted by Stephanie Carter!

And then... Then there is this guy. I hope the real Dirty Carl finds solace in the fact that somebody out there in this big wide world of ours finds this guy to be her Dirty Carl.

For the full set of current submissions, check out the Facebook album of rampant facial hair! Hurrah!