Freaker Friday: Fields of Freaks!!!

Good morning, America! As little rays of light worked themselves over the horizon this morning, they stumbled upon another Freaker Friday.

Six weeks ago, we took a solemn vow to give the people we love (that is you!) more free things! Every Friday we ask a question, or pose a task, and you, the people of internet and social media compete for our hearts and our giggles. We have already given away magic wands that keep your wine cold, flasks so that irksome drinking habit stay our little secret, candles made of wine, and an alternative lifestyle to "shoe-tying".

This weeks Freaker Friday giveaway goes back to a more simple time, where farmers profited from the sweat of their brow, and all the roosters hadn't lost their alarm-clock jobs to machines(pesky robots!).

"How do I win?" you ask. Go to his product page and tell us why Foghorn crossed the road.

What your getting: We have 5 packs of Field Notes to throw at you! These stylish memo books (MADE IN THE USA!!) are perfect for drawing treasure maps, writing down million dollar ideas, and sketching that beautiful robin that visits your bird-feeder. Winners receive a Field Notes 3pack, a Foghorn Freaker, & a Field Notes pen to make sure you make it to those early morning cockadoodles!