So Many Weiners!

Zach Crain Freaker USA

Every Tuesday, we announce (via our newsletter) the winners of last week's Freaker Friday giveaway contests. Today, however, we have a whole slew of winners both from Freaker Friday and our Who's Your Dirty Carl contest. So without further ado, here is a grand treasury of champions! If you're on the list, send us your shipping address & we'll send you goodies!!

For last week's Freaker Friday's giveaway, we have 5 care packages of Foghorns and Field Notes! All USA Made!!!:

Jason Meyer · North Carolina State University

He crossed the road because it was love at first sight when he saw the glistening MrS. Riracha on the other side and nothing would keep them from being together!

Jessie L Tyson

Why did Foghorn cross the road? I says I says to get a Leghorn up on the competition, son!

Carolyn Notline Maher · Assistant Producer at Fluid

Fairly fiercely Foghorn forayed far from his fellow fainthearted feathered friends, facing fears of freeways, footpaths, and Fords -- for Foghorn felt only fools frolic in coops, and he found full felicity in further feats, fresh frontiers and finally finding Freedom.

Sara Tryzelaar · Southern Maine

He crossed the road to give me one of these incredible Freakers because they are so so so cute! I want one! Love you guys and your products! ♥ My chickens would love if I had one of these, we only have hens, they need a Foghorn in their lives! I'm also a farmer so I could really use more Field Notes! You guys rock!!

Hans Bardenheuer · · Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Bluelounge

Why did Foghorn cross the road? I mean, well.. Realistically, it's most probable that he simply just had nothing better to do. He is a rooster, you know.

Hooray! And now for the winners of Who's Your Dirty Carl!

(Okay, so originally the photo with the most likes got the entire line. We added more prizes yesterday. Who's surprised?)

Grand Prize Winner - The entire new line!: Tammy Jackson with 345 likes!
2nd Place - 12 Freakers!: Courtney Ashtyn Clara Brooks with 285 likes!

Every photo submission that got over 100 likes gets a care package of 5 Freakers:

Laur Willman - 136 likes!
Brett Middlebrook - 135 likes!
Kenna Rock - 115 likes!
Amy Dalrymple - 109 likes!
David Hegburg - 108 likes!
Mrs. FarmJammaLamma - 104 likes! 

And every photo that got more than 50 likes gets a care package of 2 Freakers!:

Jordan La Liaison - 88 likes!
Dave McCool - 70 likes!
Joe Compton - 50 likes!

OKAY WINNERS - The whole lot of y'all - send us your shipping addresses & we'll send you goodies!!!