Justin Mitchener: Profile of a Hacktavist?

People have unique habits. Most of the time, the sum of all these habits adds up to people being "a little weird". Every now and then, all these "habits" add up to something darker, something more sinister.

The more time we spend with him, the more evident it becomes that Justin may actually be toppling foreign governments via Reddit when he is in his cave, instead of "building our website".

The Evidence:

He works strange hours. Many times, in the middle of the night, something stirs Justin from his sleep and draws him to the dull glow of his computer screen. Is it the inspiration of a new Freaker tag that keeps him coming, or the tug of justice on the sleeve of the sweater Justin wears to bed?

When he thinks he is alone, we have heard Justin refer to his printer girlfriend as "Natalie Portman". This may be irrelevant, but it is worth a mention.

For a while, we thought he just liked to repeat the numbers "1" and "0" as a nervous habit. Over time we have come to realize that Justin can actually speaking a dialect of robot talk called "binary code".

While all this evidence is circumstantial at best, we have one question that remains unanswered. Does anyone know where Justin was Sunday night? We sure don't.