Freaker Friday: The Cuppow Adventure

Let's take a moment and reflect on the fact that another seven days has passed. It's Friday! What that means? Staying up late, sleeping in tomorrow, cutting the grass, and, most importantly, more free things!

This week's giveaway takes the form of a job opening. As some of you might remember, we have a sworn enemy that is the US Post Office. While relations have recently improved, there is still much tension along the boarder.

What we need is a more effective mode of delivery. Do you have a spaceship, or speed boat, or tank that would deliver Freakers more efficiently? 

How to Win:

Instagram a picture of your delivery method with the hashtag #FreakerSpecialDelivery

Our top three favorite delivery people will receive a care package with a Cuppow bike messenger hat, as well as a Blade Roller and Ate-Bit Freaker! Cuppows are 100% made in America! Created in an enchanted warehouse in Somerville, MA, they will make sure that you are ecologically responsible, caffeinated, and fully freaking awesome.