The Bunny Is Back!

Funny Easter Gift

It's that time (one of many, evidently) of year where chocolate and bunnies run rampant. Here are some budgeting tips from yours truly:

1. Instead of marshmellow chickens, you should buy Freakers for the curious kiddies because knit bottle insulators don't give you cavities! Less trips to the dentist office = more love from your children.

… We only had one tip. *Mic Drop*

And now for the winners of last week's Freaker Friday:

We asked if you thought you could deliver Freakers better than the Post Office. These were the winning transitory contraptions: 

Winners... You know who you are. Send us your shipping address! We have the spoils of victory (2 Freakers & a Cuppow messenger hat - all made in the USA!) coming your way!